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2 weeks of Personal Training sessions done!! and I haven’t passed out, spewed or died, success! I have been very behind on posting about the sessions (been needing some major recovery time) but I feel if i left it any longer this post would never end! So in the words of Julie Andrews, lets start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start, when you sing you begin with A B… Sorry… I got carried away.

PT Session 1 – 01/03/17

I felt very nervous going into this one. Had absolutely no idea what I had let myself in for and it was also at 7:45am… but I powered on like the trooper I am. This session consisted of taking measurements, doing a health check, a fitness test and a couple of weight machines. I really like that David (PT) only takes measurements and not weight. Obviously the goal is to loose weight but it will be so much more rewarding to see the physical inches disappearing rather than a number on a screen going down (plus we are doing a lot of weights so I’ll be building muscles and not necessarily loose weight as fast as I think I should be).

So fitness test. I…

Did 3 minutes of step ups: resting heart rate at 15 (measured by beats in 10 seconds) then the steps at a steady pace. My heart rate went up to 24 and took 3 minutes 30 seconds to get back to 15. The aim is to take a shorter time for my body to recover – This was a deceptively easy start to my session…

Then I did a 1 mile run on the treadmill. I had full control of the speed and ran on an incline of 1% (no shin splints for me). Completed this in 11 minutes 58 seconds with an average of 10k per hour which I think is not too shabby! (we will ignore the slight advantage that I actually enjoy running)

Next to the squats. The aim was to get as close to 50 as possible (no weights, just bodyweight squats). Now I know 50 sounds like a lot, I certainly didn’t think I’d get close but I completely surprised myself with doing the full 50! (and with perfect form- who knew I knew how to squat?!)

Then it got hard. PUSH UPS. Now later when I fill you in on all the weights I’ve been lifting it will become very apparent that there is a huge difference between my leg strength and my upper body strength… Bird arms comes to mind! The aim was to do as many as possible (I did mine on my knees but with my bum and back flat) Now David has written that I did 4 but i am 99% sure I did 1 and then when I tried to do more I face palmed the floor #reasonsIamsingle

Finally we did the plank. By this point my body was aching… I managed 34 seconds which to fair I was very happy with, anything about 30 seconds I’d have been happy with!

Fitness test done and onto the weights. I only got in leg press and chest press as time was almost up but then it hit me… Now anyone who wants to train first thing in the morning, please eat first. My body must have been like WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO ME?! The heat, the sweat, the dizziness all kicked in at once and I thought the end was here, GOODBYE WORLD! Okay a bit dramatic but I ended my session on my back with my feet in the air… Apparently it’s very normal on your first PT session for this to happen but I do feel like David was just being nice!

So first session done woo!

PT Sessions 2 3 & 4 – 03/03/17 , 07/03/17 , 10/03/17

So I am going to bulk this together seeing as it’s 3 hours of sessions and who has time to write about all that! They have all been much and such the same but with added super fun extras….

Session 2 we did my weight routine: 3 sets of 8-12 reps with a rest in-between each set. Session 3 we did the same but with added in accelerated cardio (8-12 reps then straight to 30 seconds of intense cardio the a rest, 3 times). So my weight routine is (including accelerated cardio) –

Leg Press – Started Lifting – 59 / Currently lifting – 73 (30s of step ups)

Chest Press – Started Lifting – 18 / Currently lifting – 18 + 2 plates (30s of mountain climbers)

Seated Row – Started Lifting – 25 + 1 plate / Currently lifting – 25 + 1 plate (30s of star jumps)

Leg Curls – Started Lifting – 39 / Currently lifting – 39 (super set with below)

Leg Extensions – Started Lifting – 39 / Currently lifting – 39 + 1 plate (30s of sprint)

Shoulder Press – Started Lifting – 9 / Currently lifting – 9 (30s of medicine ball slams) #birdarms

Lat Pulldown – Started Lifting – 32 / Currently lifting – 32 (30s of kettlebell swings)

Tricep Rope Extension – Started Lifting – 7 / Currently lifting – 7 (super set with below)

Bicep Rope Curls – Started Lifting – 7 / Currently lifting – 7 (30s of any above cardio)

Gals Gym Sesh

Session 3 we did HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) using the TRX and other cardio. Now I have done some HIIT before but having someone watch you do it makes you push so much more! And yes, it is as horrendous as it sounds! Im discovering that I so have a lot more body strength than I thought I did but I still have so far to go.  For example lateral box jumps can get to fuck! (youtube it to understand the pain) I have also discovered that 30 seconds is a very long time when you feel like you are going to pass out/spew/die. Still super impressed that none of those have happened, however, the down side is that I know feel pain in places I didn’t even know I could feel pain in! No Pain No Gain and all… On top of this I am also in the gym Monday to Friday (3 extra days out of PT session) to do weights and cardio on Mondays and Wednesday, HIIT or a class on Thursday and PT on Tuesday and Friday. Honestly I have never enjoyed weekends so much in my life! Also, big shout out to my sister and my best gal Laura from coming to the gym with me! Need that extra motivation out with the session.

So yeah that is 2 weeks of personal training session done! (and 15 hours in the gym over 11 visits!!)  I’m going to do a separate post all about the nutrition and food plan I am on as this has turned into a very long post… sorry! But I hope you enjoy following this and hopefully we start seeing some results soon!




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