Today I did something new…

It is so easy to say you love the gym and you are going to super healthy and exercise and life is going to be great. Where in reality we all lie in bed stuffing our faces with pizza and other crap and then feel guilty for doing it and then eat more because we feel like we failed anyway. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to this. Years and years have passed of gym memberships and cancelled gym memberships and the constant mind set of “yeah I can do this” and then weeks later “Nope, no I can not do this”. It is getting ridiculous. I am almost 23 and I have the motivation of a freeking teaspoon!

So guess who got a personal trainer? This girl did!

I am feeling very optimistic. I mean I will be living on a very tight budget for the next three months but my logic is I will by less food… Genius! Hopefully, starting next week, I will be having 2x 1hour long PT sessions a week for three month.

Its not about loosing weight though. I mean it’s going to happen (I hope) but it isn’t my main reason for investing so much money into it. This is fundamentally about me being happy with me (Project Me woo!). It is crazy that so many people battle with depression and anxiety and I’m a very strong believer in exercise being better than any medicine (obviously not for everyone but for me it has worked wonders). It is a scary thing to talk about. I do think that deep down it doesn’t matter what you look like we all have that voice in our head to make us not feel good enough or that we don’t deserve certain things. But not today, today we tell that voice to FUCK OFF!! You CAN do it! You WILL do it!

After a week of being ill I am geared up and ready to go! Excited to get this new plan in place and have that extra motivation there to push me to stick to it. (I am not letting this money be wasted) I’ll be running marathons before you know it!



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