Today I did something new…

It is so easy to say you love the gym and you are going to super healthy and exercise and life is going to be great. Where in reality we all lie in bed stuffing our faces with pizza and other crap and then feel guilty for doing it and then eat more because we [...]

Back to the begining

So after making excuses and more excuses and even more excuses I actually did it... I went for a run! It honestly feels like so long since I last went out and to be totally honest it has been. I have undoubtable gone back to square one but at least I'm making the moves to [...]

I don’t want to Adult

Absolutely nothing is precisely what I have been doing for the last month! I am so disappointed that I have pretty much undid all the work I was doing. I mean I've been so lazy I can't even be bothered to run away from my problems! This has mainly been down to the fact I [...]

Running, Yoga and lots of Porridge

So, its been a while but I'm finally here to tell you about what has been going on. I can tell you are already excited... Run 5: Just going to jump straight in with this run as its been a few days since I did it. Tuesday was filled with great optimism as I ventured to [...]