Running, Yoga and lots of Porridge

So, its been a while but I’m finally here to tell you about what has been going on. I can tell you are already excited…


Lesley conveying the general after feeling of the run

Run 5: Just going to jump straight in with this run as its been a few days since I did it. Tuesday was filled with great optimism as I ventured to Pure gym at Kittybrewster for the very first time with one of my best gals Lesley. Technically this run is still in week 2, more like week 4, but yeah was the same as the last run- run for 90 seconds and walk for 2 minutes. Started well but I 100% prefer running outside. The last 90 seconds of running where filled with genuine fear I was going to pass out and go flying off the treadmill… Don’t worry I didn’t! The run was 31 minutes in which I burned 197 calories and ran 3.26km. Slight improvement on the last run of +0.11km but I am taking that as a victory! Need to take what I can get 🙂

Seriously need to get back outside and go on a proper run though. Which also means I can show off my new running trainers to the world… or at least the people of Aberdeen.


New beautiful Shoes


Post Yoga Treat

I also did my first Yoga class on Tuesday! I know, So committed! I have always wanted to go to a yoga class but never quite plucked up the courage to go- what if everyone laughs at me because I’m not flexible enough- but I am so glad I went. The Class what at Pure gym on Shiprow and was £2 for an hour and oh my god did you get your moneys worth. I thought it would be some chilled out stretching and then head out for dinner with my friends but the outcome was much different.It honestly felt like such a workout and I’m not going to lie, I’m still feeling it a bit today! I got myself in positions I did not think possible to get into! But, even though I literally waddled away, this is something I will be continuing with! (I even went for a little treat after but done tell anyone)


All the porridge

Final update for the week is all about food. Healthy eating is hard when you are as fussy as me. Raw veg is a no go which basically rules out all salads and sandwiches are too carby so I have turned to porridge. Lots and lots of porridge. I mean it’s pretty good but after 4 days of sweet cinnamon porridge in a row for lunch I think I need some variety. I also made a homemade curry this week. Coconut chicken curry and it wasn’t too bad! Bananas are getting me through some very busy days at work and there is always fuel smoothies in the Bon Accord centre! (I need to invest in a blender, save some dolla!) Excited to get into cooking again. Makes this healthy eating a bit more exciting, and a hell of a lot cheaper!


My Curry



When your face looks like a beetroot attached to a body…

Hopefully this week is a bit more productive than the last few! I have another yoga class on Tuesday so will let you know if I survive that… Also need to get my butt in gear with this next run! Maybe what I really need is someone to chase me around with a big stick as motivation… any volunteers?? So I’ll leave you with the very ‘attractive’ sweaty gross picture of the end of my run from Tuesday. If I can do it anyone can!




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