Running is hard!

cropped-IMG_1646.jpgFirst post! How very exciting!! Today was day uno of my get fit challenge. Well I mean the sun came out so it must have been a sign to get my big butt in gear!  Running is something I have always enjoyed because:

  1. It helps clear my head
  2. It channels my anger
  3. It de-stresses me and
  4. I always feel so good after it

But holy shit man, I can barley move my legs now! This may take some getting used to.

Run 1: Firstly I should let you know that the two apps I am using to train are, Couch to 10K and MapMyRun. Where would we be without iPhones?

I would love to tell you that I ran the whole time but that would be a massive lie! So, I ‘ran’ a grand total of 4.11km in 33.52 minutes… not bad? I actually have no idea! Run, run, ru


My Route

n, as fast as you can! You will probably catch me, I’m running like a very old man!

Todays run was made up of running for 60 seconds and walking for 90 second which sounds a lot easier than it actually was- I know, PATHETIC! (The couch to 10K app builds you up to reach a 10K in 14 weeks based on running 3 times a week… hahahahaha this is going to be fun!) I did not plan my route and you can probably tell by looking over there –> but Westburn Park is a V nice place for a run/walk. And oh the nostalgia of playing pooh sticks there as a child – if you don’t know what that is then you had no childhood- sorry.



Run Done!

Exciting and tiring times ahead but all in all I think today went well. I mean, I’m no Mo Farah… yet, but I didn’t collapse, have an asthma attack and most importantly I did not die! Hooray! Gotta keep thinking about the positives!



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