Running and stress eating


Steps for the day!

Bit late in putting this up but… The first hurdle has been overcome (metaphorically of course) WEEK ONE IS DONE! A total of 3 runs with a ‘massive’ 24 minutes of running… Okay so that looks pretty shite, however, I wasn’t sure I could run for 24 seconds in a week never mind minutes at the start of the week!

I have actually quite enjoyed it though! As I have said, I really do love running and it has been kind of (not really, I’m just trying to make myself feel better) balancing out all the crap I’ve eaten in the last few day. Its a vicious cycle – I eat when I’m stressed and I’m stressed when I eat… do you see my problem? But I do think that the hard work is really about to begin. Finding the motivation as time goes on will be challenging but I’m hoping it is going to be worth it! Also I need to get this food plan on track! Motivation for this will be:

  1. The better I eat, the better I feel
  2. I get to do some proper cooking which I really enjoy
  3. I need to not be stressed so I stop eating crap
  4. and most importantly, I get to take fun Instagram photos to share with you all!

Aberdeen Beach

Run 3 (11/5/16): I decided to take a run down at the beach for run 3 as it’s been so nice in sunny Aberdeen the beach seemed like the best place to go… WRONG! The beach at 8:30pm was fucking freezing! Saying that, it was very pretty!

This run was the last run of the week so the pace was once again run 60 seconds and walk 90 seconds. Only a 3km run this time in 30 minutes . First km was done in 8 mins 23 seconds with the second km slightly faster at 8 mins 17 seconds leading to the longest km at 9 mins 03 seconds… you may have noticedIMG_1673 I was struggling a bit at the end!

I have also started using my fitbit again so that will be something else ill be keeping track of on this. I did a massive 18,167 steps on the day of run 3 which totalled 7.79 miles and 37 floors climbed. I also burned 3236 calories!! To put this in proportion I have burned off the equivalent of:

  1. 12 1/2 Big Macs/Dominos cheese pizzas or
  2. 39 wines (100g) or
  3. 6 100g bars of milk chocolate

Run Done!

Not that this should be an excuse to eat any of the above!

Super proud of my progress again this week just need to get this healthy eating in place and we’ll be onto a winner. Digging deep to find the motivation to run this week as I’m also working a fun 12 days in a row but think positive! How can it really be?…





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