Project 2017, Project ME


Well here I am again. Wishing I was 6 stone lighter and yet still stuffing my face full of crap. The last month has been an absolute shit storm of crushed feelings and hearts broken so I am allowing myself to have slipped up- honestly I have deserved the cake! Boys show no love and food gives you love… well love handles! I found myself stuck back in the mindset I was in when I first started this blog. Felling ugly, feeling unwanted, feeling crap. But this is why this blog is here. I read back over my journey from last year and it reminded me that the most important thing to me should be… me.

 So I have decided to begin PROJECT ME! But first there is one things I want to set straight:

Skinny does NOT equal happy

I want to make it clear that my reasons for loosing weight is not that I have the idea that if I’m a size 8 all my life problems will be magically fixed, but, that fundamentally I want to live a healthy life. I’m always going to rock the curvy look (I’m internally praying the boobs don’t shrink doing this!) and I love that about myself. Which is exactly what this year is about. Rediscovering what I love about me. And to anyone that doesn’t love it I have one thing to say to you… FUCK OFF!

In a nut shell the plan is a mix of healthy eating – planning out all meals (allowing for some ‘bad’ foods because lets be honest, we all love them) gym sessions, gym classes (possibly a PT) and restricting my spending (probably the hardest task). My theory is that if i save money and commit to the plan I’ll save money and actually be able to reward good outcomes. You see, self motivation, I have this in the bag… maybe.

So all that is left to say is Project Me is go! Wish me luck I will be keeping you all updated!




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