I don’t want to Adult

Absolutely nothing is precisely what I have been doing for the last month! I am so disappointed that I have pretty much undid all the work I was doing. I mean I’ve been so lazy I can’t even be bothered to run away from my problems! This has mainly been down to the fact I have been super lazy and unmotivated, however, I would like to blame this on the hard task of adulating. Working full time is hard and never mind when you are doing WAY more than you should be! But also having to come home and cook and clean and tidy and socialise and then work some more. I don’t understand how people do it! There isn’t enough hours in a day never mind enough days off in a week!

Maybe the trick is to eat off paper plates and drink from plastic cups so that you have no dishes… Actually, why have I not done this already?!? Life problems fixed!.. But oh wait. Alas, the reason why is because I have no money! Rent is the worst! I’m not cut out to be an adult yet. Can I have 5 more years? Please?

So now that I have had my rant, I would like to make a sweeping declaration that I am getting my ass in gear (well first gear, lets not overdo it) Yoga booked in for Tuesday with my sister and hopefully get out for a run on Sunday… I shall let you all know how it goes but for now it’s goodnight from me!




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