Everyday is leg day!


Motivated me thought today would be the day for run number two….

Motivated me is an IDIOT!

I know this will be worth it when the day comes when I think about running and don’t think about gingerbread instantly after (which I’m not sure will ever come- who doesn’t love gingerbread?) but seriously, the pain I’m feeling is intense!

To help you understand the burn I have two ways to describe it:


Half way there…

Firstly for you gym buffs- I feel like I have done a thousand squats (Well at least I imagine this is how it feels. I have never done this and 100% never intend to)

Secondly for everyone else- It’s the same feeling as waking up after a night on the town, no memory and then the sudden thigh pain and flashbacks of you on the dance floor, slut dropping  on every single beat. You know what I’m talking about!


My Route

Run 2:  Well todays run started pretty slowly (and didn’t really get much faster) as I was on the phone so the first 2K was all walked. Only 4.57km today, however, I did 1km in 8.04 mins (the goal is 1km in 5 mins) which considering my legs feel like they are filled with cement, I’d say wasn’t too bad!

Although, this does lead onto my abysmal time of 51.25 minutes… Judge away! I wIMG_1660ould! The run was made up of running for 60 seconds and then walking for 90 seconds (the same as yesterday) and also a few extra stops. By that I mean I just lay on the grass for a while contemplating if that I stayed there long enough someone would help get me home… they didn’t. Clearly the universe wants me to carry on!


But I think it is safe to say that run three won’t be happening tomorrow!

Let us look on the bright side:

  1. The next few days are running free days
  2. Two runs completed without any major incidents
  3. My legs are in so much pain that I won’t be making any unnecessary food trips


    Run Done!

  4. and I am feeling super proud of myself (even if it is just baby steps)

Mission over the next week is healthy eating and getting to run number three. Wish me luck! Like seriously, I’m going to need it…







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