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Pre Run

So after making excuses and more excuses and even more excuses I actually did it… I went for a run! It honestly feels like so long since I last went out and to be totally honest it has been. I have undoubtable gone back to square one but at least I’m making the moves to get back to it. And also bake off starts this week and a lot of cake will be consumed in the next couple of months… need to balance it out yah know?

I’m not going to bore you with all the numbers and times of this run because it was all shockingly bad but there are some key points to take away from it:


taking the first step

  1. running 100% puts me in a better and more positive mood
  2. the very sweet old man who gave me a smile and thumbs up when I ran past him absolutely made my day #AnyoneCanRun
  3. and always have eaten at some point before a run to prevent dizziness and sudden urge to hurl onto a tree.


    So close to death but run done!

The last few month I may not have done much running but I do feel so much happier with life. Im done with people who have been making me feel like crap for the last year and now it is about doing things for me and I can fully concentrate on that now. #girlpower and all that!

All in all I’m proud I went out. Now to keep it up again! Right now I’m super excited to get back to this but tomorrow morning when my legs are seizing up and I’m watching bake off and stuffing my face with cake – it has to be done! – I might not be so enthusiastic!





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