Running, Yoga and lots of Porridge

So, its been a while but I'm finally here to tell you about what has been going on. I can tell you are already excited... Run 5: Just going to jump straight in with this run as its been a few days since I did it. Tuesday was filled with great optimism as I ventured to [...]

I’m still standing… Just!

I would love to tell you all that the reason I haven't posted in a while is because I've been so busy  at the gym and running and being so healthy that I haven't had time to blog... But... that would be a MASSIVE lie! After a super lazy week I got my butt in [...]

Just a wee update

Hello! It's been a while but I have finally gotten round to starting weeks 2! Just a short one today as I'm super tired but just want to keep you all updated on where I'm at. I'll post something much more fun tomorrow ūüôā Run 3:¬†Just a run at Pure gym today. Got my new [...]

Running and stress eating

Bit late in putting this up but... The first hurdle has been overcome (metaphorically of course) WEEK ONE IS DONE! A total of 3 runs with a 'massive' 24 minutes of running... Okay so that looks pretty shite, however, I wasn't sure I could run for 24 seconds in a week never mind minutes at the start [...]

Everyday is leg day!

Motivated me thought today would be the day for run number two.... Motivated me is an IDIOT! I know this will be worth it when the day comes when I think about running and don't think about gingerbread instantly after (which I'm not sure will ever come- who doesn't love gingerbread?) but seriously, the pain I'm feeling [...]

Running is hard!

First post! How very exciting!! Today was day uno of my get fit challenge. Well I mean the sun came out so it must have been a sign to get my big butt in gear!  Running is something I have always enjoyed because: It helps clear my head It channels my anger It de-stresses me and I [...]