Walking and Typing

As I walk I’m this near freezing temperature (writing as I walk to pure gym) contemplating what I was thinking having a session at 7:45 in the MORNING, I’m actually very excited for the first of 24 PT sessions. Clearly the answer to me functioning like a normal human being in the morning is money. Early work, need to go so I get paid / PT session, paid a butt tone for, not wasting it!

So since booking in with my PT I went to a spin class. So many people told me it would be horrific and I’d want to get off to spew but surprisingly I really enjoyed it! It was definitely hard work (nothing on fat burn though!) Only bit of advice I would like to give… get some extra bum padding! Little bit tender shall we say.

Week plan: Session on Friday afternoon- thank god! And then spin on Sunday after work. Hoping to squeeze in another visit but we shall see!

7:28. 17 minutes to go. Wish me luck! If anything at least I’ll heat up!


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